Susan Hathaway, Ph.D., Acupuncture Physician 9/30/01

The recent terrorist attacks and threat of possible further attacks can be a cause of worry and confusion. There has been a run on gas and filter masks in the general public as a prevention of the potential biological warfare that is being reported in the news. Most Americans believe that our enemies have the capability to wage this type of warfare on us. The question is, What can I do to protect myself and my family in the event of release of disease causing agents? Traditional Chinese Medicine has documented centuries of treatment against historical diseases that ravaged Chinas countryside. The basic underlying theory behind herbal medicine treatment is that all external pathogens must enter the body from the outside. Our bodys immune system must fight off this invasion to keep the pathogens from going deeper into the body thereby producing the symptoms associated with diseases that can result in death.

Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine works to significantly strengthen the bodys immune system so that external pathogens cannot produce disease. If symptoms are present, herbs can help the body dispel those specific symptoms. Herbs can also assist the body in releasing the pathogens.

Here are some of the symptoms people may experience when exposed to external pathogens:

Because of modifications that may have been done on some of these pathogens, invasion can occur very quickly so it is important to notice symptoms and take the herbal flu medicine at the first sign of sickness. Having the herbs at hand will allow you to start treatment of your flu symptoms immediately. The herbs will start the process of dispelling the pathogens, but herbal tea may be necessary to complete the process. Therefore, we recommend that you have on hand sufficient powder for the whole family to treat the initial onset of symptoms. Ingesting the powder will also give you additional time to cook the herbal tea. Anyone still having symptoms after taking the powder will need to drink the tea. This should give you time to come visit our office. We can confirm your flu diagnosis and if necessary give you stronger herbs. The following are herbal medicines in the emergency kit:

    1. Powder for body aches, chills/fever, and no sweating---$1
    2. Powder for body aches, chills/fever, with sweating---$1
    3. Powder for body aches, sore throat, stiff neck, and sweating---$1
    4. Powder for body aches, sore throat, stiff neck, no sweating---$1
    5. Powder for body aches, nausea/vomiting---$1
    6. Powder for women on their periods with any flu symptoms---$1.50
    7. Herbal Tea for flu with sweatingX-$10
    8. Herbal Tea for flu with out sweating---$10

Price: 1- 6 cost is $6.50 7 and 8 cost is $20 TOTAL KIT PRICE: $26.50

1-6 is an individual dose, 7 and 8 are sufficient for 2 adults or 4 children .